Without volunteer translators, the influence of BTS would not have spread globally. As Big Hit has expanded, they have provided subs for some content, but translators continue to provide timely information so international ARMYs don't miss out. Translators not only help with overcoming the language barrier, they also provided context and background information that enriches "I-Army" experiences. Here are a few of the accounts that continue to power ARMY's English translations, in no particular order.

Bangtan Subs website

Bangtan Subs twitter

Spotlight BTS twitter

Do You Bangtan (Wisha) twitter

Do You Bangtan website

Claire twitter

Studio_0613 Twitter

Doolset Bangtan Twitter

Doolset Bangtan Website

Soo Choi Twitter

Bora Twitter

Both Japanese & Korean to English: Sora

Haruharu twitter

BTS ARMY Salon Twitter

BTS ARMY Salon website

Haru Twitter

K-Charts and Translations

Mini Yoong Twitter

Jayelle K-Diamond Twitter

BTS Translation

Sowoojoo Twitter

Colin Twitter

ARMY Theory Translate

Japanese to English Translations: Chihiro

Japanse to English Translations: Website

Papago Web Translator

The White Paper Project

We can't talk about the impact of translations without addressing The White Paper Project. When controversy arose over a t-shirt, a team of translators came together to write a report giving critical context to the situation for the international audience.

Team White Paper Twitter

The White Paper Project Website