BTS ARMY is a microcommunity and within that community are researchers who are chronicling and analyzing the BTS and ARMY phenomenon. These are just a few examples of the ongoing scholarly conversation.
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Research Articles

Multiple important conversations are happening within The R3 Journal.

An Analysis of Gender Images of Fashion Style in BTS Music Videos Using Judith Bulter's Performativity Theory | Yeonyi Jung, Youngjae Lee

Art, Architecture & Scenography, Proposal for MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA | Juliana Follador

Bangtan Sonyeondan in America: Soft Masculinity Performance and Audience Response | Adinda Saraswati Mustafa Putri, Adriana Rahajeng Mintarsih

A Critical Discouse Analysis of Kim Namjoon's (RM's) Speech | Uswatun Hasanah, Alek Alek, Didin Nuruddin Hidayat

Genre Conventions in K-Pop: BTS' "DOPE" Music Video | Philippa DorΓ©, Peter C. Pugsley

A Global ARMY of HOPE: BTS and a Pedagogy for Global Citizenship | Candace Epps-Robertson

Harvard Business School Case | Anita Elberse and Lizzy Woodham.

How Music Fans Shape Commercial Music Services: A Case Study of BTS and ARMY | Jin Ha Lee, Anh Thu Nguyen

Korean-English Language Translational Action of K-Pop Social Media Content: A Case Study on BTS' Official Twitter | Aznur Aisyah

Korean Dance Performance Influences on Prospective Tourist Cultural Products Consumption and Behavior Intention | Hye-eun Kwak, Joon-ho Kim, Sun-young Kim, Ju-eee Jung, Hyun-ju Choi

Love Myself Campaign: Exploring Branden's Six Pillars of Self-Esteem in BTS Songs | Diana Achmad, Siti Sarah Fitriani, Dini Hanifa

The Portrayal of Masculinity in Bangtan Boys Clip Video "DOPE" | Dwi Ayun Pratiwi

Positive Psychosocial Outcomes and Fanship in K-Pop Fans: A Social Identity Theory Perspective | Derek A. Laffan

Research BTS is an account dedicated to "studying the culture, social organization and structure of BTSARMY."

A Ten-Part Series on the Business Strategy behind BTS' Success | Judy Knows

Dr. Colette Balmain has several articles analyzing BTS on London Korean Links

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Introduction to BTS

The BTS Syllabus is an ongoing crowd-sourced project to study and publish the multiple conversations happening around BTS and ARMY.

Please see the Books About BTS page for works by PhDs Jiyoung Lee and Youngdae Kim.

Follow Bangtan Scholars on Twitter for more academic ARMY information.

CedarBough Saeji, PhD, has posted a list of resources for those wanting to learn more about Korean culture.

Please also look for Dr. Crystal Anderson's Soul in Seoul on the Readers' Advisory page.


BTS: A Global Interdisciplinary Conference II will take place May 1-2, 2021 at California State University Northridge

The R3 journal hosts a conference: Rhizome Connect.

This link brings up a Twitter search for the BTS Conference using the hashtag #BTSConference. This serves as an informal archive for the presentations.

This links to the conference program for the first BTS: A Global Interdisciplinary Conference Project. Researchers interested in a particular presentation can reach out to the presenters for more information.

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