Friends of BTS ARMY

Sleep Deez on Insta

My Time producer Sleep Deez is ARMY through and through. In addition to genius producer skills, Sleep is known for taking time to answer ARMY questions and helping ARMYs take the next step to further their own skills. Sleep also streams with us and turns wrong number texts into streaming pitches. When there's a BTS ARMY Hall of Fame, Sleep's going to be in it.

Alejandro Vigilante Website

Alejandro Vigilante merges pop art and the internet and into unique compositions. His followers on Twitter are often given the opportunity to see his compositions as a reflection of ripples in the Twitterverse. Vigilante not only sports the ᴮᴱ, his verbal commentary as ARMY can be as incisive as his artwork.

Steve Aoki giving a shoutout to BTS ARMY on Twitter

The talented and hard working Steve Aoki has refined the ability to spot trends while they are ascending. He recognized the talent in BTS as they were emerging into a global force. The riveting Mic Drop helped them explode onto the American scene, and Aoki has been evergreen with his encouragement and praise of both BTS and ARMY.