Books About BTS

While several books about BTS exist, they are easy to find with a search on an online book store. This space is for highlighting books where the authors have specific authority and insight into writing about BTS.

BTS The Review: A Comprehensive Look at the Music of BTS

Author Youngdae Kim brings extensive knowledge to this work, since he has been a recognized music critic since the 1990s. This insightful journey with BTS is viewed through the lens of their music, which is appropriate because in general, this is what sets BTS apart and draws fans in. Interviews with people who have worked with BTS are given throughout the book. While the edition I purchased does not go past the Love Yourself tour, I'm hoping an updated edition will be released in the near future. Regardless, this is not a work to be missed for those who want to deep-dive into a better understanding of the music of BTS. Of note is the high quality of the print edition. It includes color photos of albums and the binding has stood up to the kind of wear and tear that only my favorite books receive.

BTS: Art Revolution

Professor Jiyoung Lee is a Film-Philosophy Professor who is keenly attuned to societal change. Utilizating her knowledge of the craft of story and film, she deftly traces the art of BTS and its reflection of a cultural shift. Professor Lee deeply examines the multiple intersections of the BTS phenomenon. ARMYs have long argued that experts cannot be truly informed on BTS without also being ARMY. Professor Lee approaches this work not only with the expertise of her academic craft but also the lived experience of a battle-proven ARMY. Her book is required reading for anyone undertaking BTS research. The linked site offers both Korean and English editions.